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Whiskers & Tails is a licensed-bonded-insured, dependable and loving in-home Pet Service that offers lots of hugs, kisses, and professional care for your furry friends in your home while you are away.

As we are sure you know, pets feel most comfortable in their own environment, in their home.

So whether you are going on that much needed vacation, just escaping for the weekend, or are simply concerned about your pets at home alone all day while you're hard at work -- with Whiskers & Tails' at-home furry-lovin' pet services, you will have that essential peace-of-mind knowing your pets are safe, secure, happy, and well cared for when you're not there.

Whiskers and Tails

Pet sitting and Safety

You get to go... They get to stay!

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Initial Interview and Consultation:

This complimentary visit gives me a chance to meet with you and your pet(s), and typically last between 30 - 60 minutes. During this visit I will familiarize myself with you, your pets, your home, and the routine you want me to follow.

I will receive detailed instructions from you by asking a lot of questions. Together we will complete a new client profile that includes veterinary information, emergency contact information, feeding instructions and much more. I will also receive a key to your home.

Please note that the required initial consultation requires at least 48 hours prior to service beginning.

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